Ophiolite Oman


Quality control is performed according to Ophiolite standard quality procedures in the well equipped laboratories. The testing equipment is calibrated and maintained at fixed intervals to ensure the test results are at par.

The material used in production of concrete undergoes inspection and testing as per company inspection procedures and International Standards. The reinforcement steel used in the panels is as per International Standards.

Comprehensive strength of concrete is determined by standard test cubes from the green concrete and these are tested in accordance with International Standards.

All moulds are individually checked before casting. The final product is checked and inspected to ensure it meets the required finish and is free from any snags.

All elements are cured as per International Standards and company procedures. During the curing period, the elements are regularly watered and kept covered with polythene sheets to retain the moisture around panel.

A full schedule of company standard quality control procedures can be requested from the Quality Department.

As a special service, we can offer a full Quality Control Report for the individual project consisting of casting dates, cube test and other quality checks for the particular project. This service should be agreed with our sales department.