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hollowHollowcore slabs are precast prestressed concrete elements extensively used for floor, roof slabs and wall panels. This success is owing to the combination of high efficiency of design, automated production technology resulting inremarkable low price, versatility in the selection of unit depth and capacity, its ready-to-paint smooth soffit as well as its high quality and durability.

The automated manufacturing process uses a combination of dry mix concrete and shear compaction, which considerably reduces the consumption of water if compared to the conventional process.

Hollowcore is manufactured using long line extruders which form continuous cores running through the slabs. The primary purpose of these cores is to decrease by 40% to 50% the weight of the slabs, which leads to significant savings in the rest of the members in the building construction. They are also used as preexisting conduits in which to place electrical cables and pipes, thus reducing even further the overall construction time.

Hollowcore slabs from Oman Ophiolite are used horizontally in all type of structures such as villas, buildings, commercial & industrial structures, hotels, schools, shopping centers. They may even be used vertically, as wall panel partitions and cladding, in industrial structures or in boundary walls.