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Precast Advantages

The considerable advantages of precast construction are combined with the benefits of concrete to provide a superior construction product.

These include:

Fire Properties

Concrete has its own inbuilt fire resistance which is present during all construction phases. Fire resistance is typically achieved without the application of additional sprays or linings. This is an important advantages over steel and timber solutions. Precast frames are generally designed for one hour inbuilt fire rating. This either totally eliminates or greatly reduces the need for additional fire protection and the associated costs.
Great Savings

Economies are generated throught reduced requirements for formwork, access scaffolding and less reliance on wet trades. Reduced on-site supervision by the main contractor is also a saving. Compared to cast in situ concrete, the following savings can be expected: (Formwork 75% less, Scaffolding 75% to 90% less, Concrete on site 90% less).
Health & Safety

Once precast floor slabs are installed, they provide a safe working platform for site operatives. Simultaneously installing precast stair offers safe and easy access between floors.
Reduced Construction Schedule

Due to speed of construction, gives earlier return on investment, freeing up the project critical path and allowing earlier completion.
Greater Project Control

From a completion/project management perspective and from a costing perspective.
Factory Production

Ensures increased accuracy and quality of finish and decreases weather dependency. Compared with cast in situ structures, site labour is reduced by between 50% to 80% using precast. Work for following trades is reduced by between 30% to 50% depending on finishes.
Build Ability

Precast frames can greatly improves build ability because sensitive parts of the operation can be moved form the site to the factory.
Sound Resistance

Precast structures meet the highest standards for resistance to sound transmission. Test figures show the airborne sound insulation of a 150mm concrete floor is 50db.
Less Wastage

Precast systems significantly reduce the amount of waste materials produced on site.
Loose Reinforcement

The amount of loose reinforcement on site is reduced by between 80% and 90%.
Air Tightness

Air infiltration in precast buildings is minimal because of the relatively small number of joints in the construction . This factor combined with the thermal mass of concrete gives excellent thermal performance.